Textile Rollers

Nelson Roller and Rubber offers a range of great compounds to suite the textile trade. Combing, spinning and heat setting industries are all producing thousands of kilos of yarn every week using rollers all covered and serviced by Nelson Roller and Rubber. Using our own branded Colntex, an abrasive and oil resistant textile covering in distinctive yellow. It is designed to give good compression set and nip properties, but avoids the swelling, sweating and deformation which can occur with a lot of rubber compounds and polyurethane coverings.

We are essential and we are in full operation. Nelson Roller & Rubber Co Ltd has been designated an essential business and will remain in operation serving our customers through the COVID-19 outbreak. We have been deemed essential because we manufacture precision parts for manufacturers. Often, we are the only option in the region for many of the unique items we produce. We have enacted strict protocol to address the outbreak and to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update accordingly.