Proprietary Products

Textile Speciality Compounds
Nelson Roller & Rubber have been associated with the textile trade since 1902. During this time a range of compounds has been developed for combing, spinning and heat setting, and every week thousands of kilos of yarn and top are produced from rollers covered in our workshop.

Wide Range of Industrial Roller Coverings
With backing from our Colne Valley Polymers spanision, Nelson Roller & Rubber is able to offer a broad range of roller coverings in different polymers and hardnesses (including polyurethane’s). To guide our customers in selecting a suitable roller covering compound, on request we can offer you the chemical resistance of each polymer. Some of our branded coverings include Colnflex, Colnite and Colntex.

Colnflex: A terpolymer blend designed to give good dynamic and grip properties whilst exhibiting oil and heat resistance up to 130°C. Widely used in glue spreader and belt sander applications in woodworking plus widespread use in polythene extrusion and bag-making.

Colnite: A highly sophisticated oil resistant rubber with high abrasion-resistance and heat resistance up to 170°C. Applications include friction feed wheels and hot white spirit and wax applications. Available in durometers from 70° shore A to 99° shore A.

Colntex: An abrasion and oil resistant textile roller covering in a distinctive yellow. It is designed to give good compression set and nip properties but avoids the swelling, sweating and deformation which can occur with polyurethane coverings.

Special Profiling
We have developed considerable expertise over the years in cutting special grooves in rubber, used extensively in the woodworking and packaging trades. We also dynamically balance belt sander rollers.

Repairs, Regrind’s and New Metal Stocks
We offer an efficient metal spraying service to refurbish worn shafts and journal ends. Keeping costs down is important and roller life can often be prolonged by regrinding. Both worn and ecceniric sections can be reground, restoring rollers to their original profile, albeit reduced in diameter. Nelson Roller and Rubber can undertake the manufacture of complete new metal stocks. We also carry stocks of new silicone seal rollers for polythene bag machines, together with some draw rollers.

Anti-Static and Conductive Applications
Applications Static build up can be a problem in plastic film handling. To combat this we can supply a variety of antistatic or truly conductive (<10 OHM/CM resistivity) nitrile rubbers.

Silicone Rollers and Mouldings
We have extensive expertise in the manufacture of silicone rubber rollers. Working with suppliers we can provide a wide range of silicones in durometers from 25° to 90° shore A. Silicone mixes can be customised for either pure heat resistance, high wear resistance and/or release properties.
A large inventory of silicone gum is held across the durometer spectrum. These can be quickly transformed into rollers or moulded parts in our clean, well equipped roller unit or moulding section.

Pharmaceutical Rollers
Silicone and FKM Viton rollers are a speciality with a wide variety of durometers and physical properties. We have a full laser identification and traceability system is in place. We have years of experience attending to the needs of large number of pharmaceutical packaging customers needs, with standard 5 working day turn round of components and 24hr turnaround if needed.

Textile Rollers
Nelson Roller and Rubber offers a range of great compounds to suite the textile trade. Combing, spinning and heat setting industries are all producing thousands of kilos of yarn every week using rollers all covered and serviced by Nelson Roller and Rubber. Using our own branded Colntex, an abrasive and oil resistant textile covering in distinctive yellow. It is designed to give good compression set and nip properties, but avoids the swelling, sweating and deformation which can occur with a lot of rubber compounds and polyurethane coverings.

Polythene bag extrusion and converting
Nelson Roller and Rubber can offer a great range of rubber compounds to suit the needs of this industry, one of which is our own branded Colnflex, designed exclusively for this industry. A terpolymer blend designed to give good dynamic and grip properties, whilst exhibiting oil and heat resistance up to 130 Deg C.

Woodworking, Sanding and Glue spreading rollers
Nelson Roller and Rubber has a long history of supplying roller recovering, grooving and balancing of sanding rollers or fine grooving of glue spreading rollers, Nelson Roller and Rubber can offer bespoke compounds and grooving to suit the customer’s needs.

We are essential and we are in full operation. Nelson Roller & Rubber Co Ltd has been designated an essential business and will remain in operation serving our customers through the COVID-19 outbreak. We have been deemed essential because we manufacture precision parts for manufacturers. Often, we are the only option in the region for many of the unique items we produce. We have enacted strict protocol to address the outbreak and to ensure the safety of our employees and customers. We are closely monitoring the situation and will update accordingly.